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A simple & peaceful game about growing flowers with bouncy drops of water!

There's a *lot* here I'd still like to iterate on/improve/fix in this at a later date, so I'd say this is technically somewhere between a Prototype and an Alpha/Beta. But for now, I hope this serves as an enjoyable enough proof-of-concept!

Some stuff I'd like to focus on in a possible future update:

  • Improve the "droplet trajectory/preview" to make it more useful to the player and convey more information. Currently, it's a bit harder than it should be to predict the angle that droplets will bounce in.
  • Add to and refine the core mechanics. I decided to keep it simple for now, but there is plenty of room for improvement. For example, adding some way to "earn back" your turns on some levels.
  • Significantly improve on and balance the levels. This is a big one! Many (if not most) levels are far more difficult to "Full Clear" than they have any right to be, sometimes frustratingly so. (Also, many of the minimum clear goals may be lower than they probably should be, that's another thing to iron out eventually)\
  • Add support for Mouse input and other input-related features (custom controls, joystick deadzone, etc..)
  • Lots of bugfixing, optimizing, and polishing!
  • Releases for Mac, Linux, maybe HTML5? (Or even mobile? Who knows!)
  • And most important of all, unlockable cosmetics for Cloudy!!! 

Version 1.1 is a tiny patch that fixes a few bugs (an audio issue, and a soft-lock that was possible in one level) plus the ability to get back to the Main Menu from the Map screen.


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